Your Mountain Bike Wheel Questions Answered, from Inserts to Warranties

We speak with two mountain bike wheel experts from Reserve, a Santa Cruz, California brand that sells high-end carbon and aluminum wheels.

Joel Smith is the Brand Leader for Reserve, a Santa Cruz, CA brand that designs and markets wheels for everything from downhill to road biking. Steel Wisdom-Wilhelmsson is engineering lab technician responsible for lab-conditions wheel testing. 

In this episode we ask:

  • How are MTB wheels assembled? For high-end wheels, is most of it done by hand?
  • How does rim construction contribute to ride feel? Is a shallower rim better than a deep rim for ride feel?
  • What are the advantages of a high engagement freehub? Is there a number that most riders will find meets their needs or is more always better?
  • Are wheel sizes and standards continuing to evolve? What about rim widths? 
  • Are today’s carbon rims stronger and more durable than aluminum? How do the weights compare?
  • What other advantages does carbon have over aluminum rims?
  • How much stronger does a DH wheel need to be compared to a lightweight XC wheel? Front vs. rear? 
  • What is the most common mode of failure when it comes to mountain bike wheels?
  • What are your thoughts on tire inserts? 
  • How have rim profiles changed over the years?
  • What role does spoke lacing and the number of spokes play in a wheel’s strength and ride feel? 
  • Is a Super Boost wheel a better wheel?
  • What’s the deal with mountain bike wheel warranties? Generally speaking, do riders make many claims?
  • What’s your advice to mountain bikers when choosing a wheel upgrade?

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