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Mountain Bike Tires

Editor’s Choice: Best Mountain Bike Tires

Trail and All ‘Rounder Tires

Today’s mountain bike tires fall into two main categories (three if you count fat bike tires): xc/gravel and trail/enduro/gravity. While there is a good amount of variation between trail tires and gravity tires, riders in this category are looking for grip and durability over light weights and low rolling resistance.

Singletracks has tested dozens of tires from 15+ brands over the years, and you can find links to reviews of each trail / enduro / gravity tire below. Prices and weights listed are as tested.

American Classic Basanite1190g$50
American Classic Tectonic1270g$50
Bontrager G-Spike1421g$80
Bontrager SE51026g$85
Continental Der Kaiser1018g$77
Continental Kryptotal1070g$65
Continental Xynotal1080g$65
Delium Rugged1220g$58
Delium Versatile1200g$58
Donnelly AVL950g$80
Donnely GJT960g$80
Hutchinson Griffus1000g$60
Hutchinson Toro1000g$60
Hutchinson Wyrm912g$80
Kenda Gran Mudda Pro1300g$85
Kenda Hellkat Pro1100g$85
Kenda Pinner Pro1300g$80
Maxxis Aggressor1200g$74
Maxxis Assegai1305g$90
Maxxis Dissector1152g$80
Maxxis Forekaster960g$83
Maxxis High Roller II910g$79
Maxxis Minion DHF1099g$82
Maxxis Shorty1286g$70
Michelin DH221500g$100
Michelin Force AM21040g$65
Michelin Wild AM21040g$70
Michelin Wild Enduro1100g$70
Onza Aquila1018g$60
Onza Porcupine1200g$85
Pirelli Scorpion Enduro1100g$80
Pirelli Scorpion M915g$60
Schwalbe Big Betty1312g$80
Schwalbe Hans Dampf970g$85
Schwalbe Magic Mary1142g$92
Schwalbe Muddy Mary1100g$95
Specialized Butcher1300g$70
Specialized Eliminator930g$70
Specialized Purgatory995g$70
Teravail Honcho895g$65
Teravail Kessel1066g$85
Teravail Warwick1300g$75
Vee Attack HPL1280g$70
Vee Snap Trail1082g$65
Versus All Mountain989g$63
Vittoria Mazza1114g$70
WTB Judge1281g$90
WTB Verdict1257g$90
WTB Vigilante1107g$77

XC and Fast Rolling Tires

Click the list below to read in-depth reviews of the gravel and cross-country tires Singletracks has tested.

Hutchinson Kraken800g$80
Hutchinson Touareg490g$65
Maxxis Ardent818g$79
Maxxis Ikon760g$70
Maxxis Minion SS814g$80
Maxxis Rambler423g$70
Maxxis Rekon Race776g$70
Maxxis Rekon719g$60
Panaracer Gravelking EXT420g$50
Panaracer GravelKing SS+$60
Pirelli Scorpion Trail R905g$79
Pirelli Scorpion Trail S850g$45
Schwalbe Thunder Burt621g$75
Schwalbe Wicked Will820g$98
Specialized Fast Trak782g$65
Specialized Ground Control869g$65
Specialized Renegade615g$70
Specialized Rhombus Pro575g$60
Vittoria Syerra880g$80
WTB Raddler490g$66
WTB Venture555g$66

Enduro Tire Reviews

Fat Bike Tires

Looking for a fat bike tire? These are the ones we’ve tested.

45NRTH Dillinger 51565g$240
45NRTH Wrathlorde$250
Bontrager Gnarwhal1360g$225
Maxxis Mammoth1265g$100
Terrene Cake Eater1600g$200
Terrene Wazia1478g$120

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