Coil Shocks Look Cool, Yes. But That’s Not the Whole Story

We learn how coil shocks work and talk advantages and disadvantages for mountain bikes.

Will Hart is Product Marketing Manager at Cane Creek, a western North Carolina based maker of suspension and bike components.

  • Besides looking cool, what are some advantages of a coil shock?
  • Are certain styles of riding better suited to a coil shock than others?
  • What makes some FS mountain bikes coil-compatible, and others not?
  • How does compression damping work on a coil shock? Is there any air involved?
  • Tell us about the Cane Creek Tigon. What’s the idea behind combining a coil with an air spring?
  • How are progressive and linear coil springs different?
  • How do you set sag on a coil shock?
  • What about other settings? Are coil shocks as tunable as air shocks?
  • What does tightening the pre-load on a coil shock do?
  • How does bottom-out work on a coil shock?
  • Is it difficult for lighter riders to find an appropriate spring?
  • How does the weight of a coil shock compare to an air shock?
  • Will a coil feel different over time as the metal fatigues? 
  • Are coil shocks lower maintenance than air shocks?
  • What is your advice for mountain bikers who are coil curious?

Find out about the Cane Creek Coil Curious program at

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