How Velosolutions and Claudio Caluori are Making Their Mark on the MTB World

With bike park projects around the world, Claudio Calouri and his company Velosolutions are delivering the stoke, from pro race courses to neighborhood pump tracks.
Claudio Calouri, Velosolutions
Provided photo: Sebastian Doerk

Claudio Caluori is a seven-time Swiss National Champion and founder of Velosolutions, “a global network of professionals with profound knowledge in cycling, action sports, tourism and urban development.” He’s also a popular YouTube personality, delivering entertaining course previews and ride-alongs with top athletes.

In addition to building pump tracks around the world, Velosolutions recently helped with construction of the XC race course for the 2024 Paris Olympics and is working on an ultra accurate timing app for pump track competition.

  • How did you get into downhill mountain bike racing?
  • How are you able to talk while riding fast in your Red Bull course preview and Bla Bla Run videos? Does talking mess you up sometimes?
  • How is designing and building a race trail different from building a trail for the public?
  • What’s so great about pump tracks? Why do adult riders tend to avoid them?
  • Tell us about Pump Tracks for Peace.
  • Some riders seem to be against asphalt tracks. What’s your take?
  • Is trail building and funding easier in some parts of the world than in others?
  • Which Velosolutions projects are you most proud of?
  • Tell us about Velosolutions Farm. What’s the vision?
  • What are some projects Velosolutions is working on right now?

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