Two New Norcos, a Wild Looking Shock and a Lightweight Scott eMTB

The latest mountain bike gear news from Intend BC, Scott, Crankbrothers, YT, and Stans.
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Gear Watch Wednesday is a weekly update on the latest mountain bike gear releases and products that Singletracks has received for test. Have gear news to share, or products you’d like us to check out? Email [email protected].

Intend BC Hover Opt. shock

The Intend BC Hover shock is getting a major update, one the brand says optimizes the shock. The shock obviously gets a new look but also is said to be more reliable while producing less friction. Intend BC places the damping and air springs in parallel, rather than in series like most shocks. The design is said to result in a lower operating temperature.

  • Price: €906.72 excluding VAT
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Norco’s new Sight. Photo: Andy Vathis

Norco releases a new VPSHP Sight and Optic

What is a VPS-HP? Norco calls it the Virtual Pivot Suspension | High Pivot (VPSHP) and it’s on both the new short-travel Optic and all-mountain Sight.

The new Sight has 150mm of rear travel and a 160mm fork and is based on the Range platform, to make it a “light, pedal friendly, maneuverable, high-pivot package.” The bike has an increased rearward axle path, an idler pulley and the new suspension layout, with new geometry.

The latest Norco Optic. Photo: Sam Clark

The Optic will retain the same travel numbers: 125mm of rear travel with a 140mm fork and take on the new high-pivot suspension. Norco says it has an increased rearward axle path too and an idler pulley to manage pedal feedback. The last version was a very fun and playful bike and we’re looking forward to trying out both new versions in Sedona next week. Keep an eye out for the reviews.

Crankbrothers Trail BOA Shoe

Crankbrothers is launching two BOA shoes in their Trail series, the clipless Mallet Trail BOA and Stamp Trail BOA. The Mallets cleat box features a sloped entry and elongated 35mm track for a wider range of cleat positions. Both the Mallets and flat pedal Stamps utilize Crankbrothers’ Match tread pattern that’s optimized for the brand’s pedals, and naturally include a BOA closure for a tight and secure fit.

Scott Voltage eRide lightweight electric trail bike

The new Scott Voltage eRide is a big trail bike with 160/155mm of travel front and rear with a shock that’s hidden inside the frame like the recently released Scott Ransom. While the Ransom just looks like an e-bike, the Voltage eRide is an e-bike that uses a TQ motor paired with a 360Wh battery and optional range extender. Scott says Voltage eRide SL models weigh as little as 17.9kg (about 39.5lb).

  • Price: $6,599 to $12,999
  • Buy from Scott dealers

YT Decoy Core 4 build updates

New YT Decoy Core 4 eMTB builds are now available and buyers can choose from a 29er or mixed wheel (MX) model. Both feature the updated Shimano EP801 motor, a 720Wh battery and Hayes Dominion A4 brakes.

  • Price: $7,999 (29er) and $7,499 (MX)
  • Buy from
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Stans is looking to hire a mechanical engineer

Wheel and sealant company Stans is looking to hire a mechanical engineer at a salary between $80,000 and $95,000 per year. The role reports directly to the Director of Product and involves working with the engineering team to design bike wheels and hubs. More information is available here.