Marin Oso Flat Pedals: Large Platform for a Medium Price [Review]

The Marin Oso nylon flat pedals are a solid value with a big, grippy platform mountain bikers can appreciate.

The Marin Oso flat pedals aren’t just an OEM add-on. In fact, as far as I can tell the brand’s complete bikes don’t ship with pedals at all, not even the cheap plastic throwaway ones buyers have come to expect. I’ve been riding with the Oso flat pedals for a couple months now and they’re every bit as good as others I’ve tested.

Marin Oso flat pedal key specs

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  • Weight: 408g/pair as tested
  • 9 pins per side, per pedal
  • 110mm x 120mm x 18mm platform size
  • Chromoly axle with bushing plus bearing
  • Price: $55
  • Buy from Marin

The Marin Oso flat pedals spin on Chromoly axles and spin on a bushing plus bearing system. The nylon composite body has a beefy and substantial look and offers a relatively large 110x120mm surface area. There are nine pins per side, per pedal and the Oso pedals are offered in two colors, black and blue. There are no wrench flats on the spindle so an 8mm hex wrench is necessary for installation.

At $55, the Marin Oso flat pedals are priced in line with nylon composite pedal options from popular brands like Race Face, OneUp and e*Thirteen. However they are about 50g heavier than similar pedals from those brands, though still lighter than most aluminum-body pedals.

On the trail

The Marin Oso flat pedals offer excellent grip when paired with a proper set of flat pedal mountain bike shoes. The pins, which as far as I can tell are basically the same ones pretty much every quality flat pedal uses, are sharp and tacky for a no-slip grip. This is especially important when riding in wet conditions, or with muddy soles, which would otherwise slip off the pedals.

Marin describes the shape of the Oso pedal as concave, and if I hold the pedals to the light just right I can almost see it. Essentially just the center material around the spindle is lowered a bit so it feels like my feet are entirely supported by the pins and the edges of the pedal. Concave or not, the Oso pedals have a flat feel to them.

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Most riders will appreciate the large platform size which distributes body weight over a wider area and is easier to find when it’s time to mount up. I may be in the minority here but in spite of having larger than average feet I prefer a slightly smaller platform mainly to avoid pedal strikes against the ground and/or my legs. Among composite flat pedals in this price range the Oso pedals stand out for having one of the larger platform areas.

After about three months of winter-weather riding the Marin Oso flat pedals are still spinning smooth. There are a few scratches on the nylon body but otherwise the pedals are none the worse for the wear.

Pros and cons of Marin Oso flat pedals


  • Durable and grippy
  • Competitive price and feature set
  • Larger than average platform size


  • Larger than average platform size

Bottom line

The Marin Oso flat pedals are a solid choice when it comes to composite flat pedals, particularly if you’re looking for a large platform size.