How Weekend Warriors can Build MTB Strength and Fitness Like a Pro

Your MTB strength and fitness questions, answered! Are body weight exercises enough? Do pros train differently than amateurs? Ben explains.

Ben Plenge is a professional mountain bike coach and founder of The Strength Factory. He’s trained pro riders and also hundreds of amateurs over the years both in person and online. 

  • Why did you choose to focus on strength and fitness training for mountain bikers specifically?
  • According to your website your most popular workout program is Bodyweight Strength. Is there a limit to the effectiveness of these simple exercises?
  • What are some ways to improve riding fitness that don’t take time away from “just for fun” rides?
  • What’s different about how pro athletes train versus amateurs? Are some riders born faster than others?
  • What’s different about MTB strength training in your 40s versus your 20s?
  • Why do riders tend to experience more pain as we age?
  • Does becoming a better climber make you a faster descender? (enduro, personal experience)
  • Is there a certain body type that works best for certain types of riding?
  • What’s the #1 misconception mountain bikers have about strength and fitness training?

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