What is Your Go-To MTB Trail Snack?

Tell us what your go-to snack is for mountain bike trail rides.
Photo: Travis Reill

I don’t understand when people say they forgot to eat something during a ride. Maybe I get more excited about others when it comes to food, but I can’t say I’ve ever forgotten to eat. My stomach usually does a great job reminding me.

Planning the right snack makes a big difference in your attitude on the trail. If you want to verify this, pack a PB and J or a cold slice of pizza on a long ride when your friends have only packed dense, chocolate-flavored energy bars and watch their eyes wander as you’re trying to enjoy the fruits of your planning labor.

Snacks often change on the type and length of ride, but their importance is never diminished. What’s your favorite snack to pack on a ride?

Have you ever tried bringing a trail snack that didn’t work out like you thought it would? Tell us about it in the comments.